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Monday, April 19, 2010

I am still alive

WOW what a crazy week. I was REALLY sick this weekend and did not do a whole lot of anything Friday or Saturday.

Felt better yesterday. We had 3 of our children and their kids here. We got the pool at Larry's work and made a "sloppy joe" picnic. We invited Aaron, Terrie, and their 2 kids to come out with us. We had a ball. The grandbabies thought it was the greatest thing ever. We even got Madison to smile for us. It was great. I got pics of my 3 youngest kids together and the grandbabies that were here. I will post some pics if I can find them. Also was taught how to put all of my digis on the disc so I can free up some space on the hard drive. WOOOOHOOOOOO I will be posting cards this week. I have my Lilly and Mojo next week and I can hardly wait.

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